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Parish Newsletter for Sunday 29th July 2012     (28/07/2012)

Loaves and Fishes

Latest Newsletter for Sunday 29th July 2012 - click here

Annual Blessing of Graves in the Convent Cemetery, Breandrum and Cross on Sunday 30th September.

Cross Cemetery 2.30pm,

Convent and Breandrum Cemeteries 3.30pm.

When tidying graves in the Convent Cemetery, we ask people not to throw debris into the hedges at any time.

St Michaelís Church TV Viewing: The small Set Top Box for viewing Mass on Television is now available to watch St Michael's Church, EWTN, and numerous other churches on your own television. You need Broadband (not a computer) in your home for this. The Cost is stg99.00. It is a simple 'plug-&-play' box but if installation is required the providing company's charge is stg25.00. Orders can be placed through the Parish Office between 10.30am and 2.30pm on weekdays.

Deaths - We pray for the recently deceased:

John Williams, Belmore Street;

Jim Dolan, Marlbank,

Denis Maguire, Garrison

May they rest in peace.

Apostolate of Reporation Vigil on first Friday, 3rd August in St Sinnell's Oratory, Belcoo starting with Mass in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at 8.00pm and concluding with Mass in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 11.15pm.

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Week ending 29th July 2012     (28/07/2012)

Deaths - We pray for the recently deceased:

John Williams, Belmore Street;

Jim Dolan, Marlbank,

Denis Maguire, Garrison

May they rest in peace.

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Week ending 15th July 2012     (13/07/2012)

Deaths: We pray for the recently deceased:

Aidan Whitley, Inisfold;

Lilly Tapster, Hillview Road.

Anna O'Rourke, Henry Street.

We pray also for the parents and family of baby Oisin James Keown, Galliagh Shore and ask the Lord to comfort them in their sad loss.

May they rest in peace.

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Parish Aumbry     (10/07/2012)

Parish Aumbry

Every cathedral and main church has an Aumbry, a special chamber to store the Holy Oils that are used for Baptism, for Confirmation and for the Anointing of the Sick.

The thought of having this item put into place has been around for a number of years now.  The plans for it have been drawn up in the last eighteen months.

The design is based on the Holy Water fonts that are in the entrance halls to either side of the main entrance of St Michael's Church.  It has been designed by the Architect, Ciaran Mullarkey, of Mullarkey Pedersen Architects, Derry.  Ciaran is the son of Tom Mullarkey (originally from Roslea) who oversaw the refurbishment of St Michael's in 1995 and who designed and oversaw the placing of the spire on St Michael's Church in 2000.

The work has been undertaken by Tracey Brothers, who have had a long association with St Michael's, undertaking the work of refurbishment in recent years.

The stone work has been supplied by the Feely Stone Company of Boyle, Co Roscommon.

Paul Keenan is doing the electrical work associated with the project. 

The Aumbry will be commissioned and blessed, probably at a Saturday morning sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Plans can be viewed clicking on this link (pdf 1MB).

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Article in The Tablet Magazine - Queen's Visit to Enniskillen     (10/07/2012)

The following article was published in The Tablet of 7 July 2012.
It is reproduced here with the permission of the Publisher. 
The website for the Tablet is

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Week ending 8th July 2012     (08/07/2012)

Deaths - We pray for the recently deceased:

Catherine McManus, Cavanacarragh;

Helena Kearns, Derrylin;

Jean McQuillan, Hillview Road;

Patrick McCaffrey, Kilmacormack Close;

Annie Stewart, Belcoo;

Thomas Green, Derrygonnelly.

May they rest in peace.

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St Michael's Choir     (02/07/2012)

About St Michael's Choir

We perform at 11.00 Mass on Sundays. and at Holy Week. Christmas, Cofirmation and Special Masses throughout the year.

This is a long established mixed voice adult choir. A group of about 40 voices. Performing a very wide repertoire of liturgical and spiritual music at 11am every Sunday!

Under musical direction of Helen Hamill .

Previously under batons of Mons J McGuinness, Sr Florence and Canon Eddie Murphy (founder).

We rehearse weekly on Mondays at 7.30 in the Church and are constantly adding new works to our repertoire.
We perform at any official Church event : Jubilee Masses, First Masses, Celebrating retirement of Local Priests and PPs, and installation of new PPs.
The choir are a very committed group of singers and I admire their dedication - and attribute our success to their determination (and resilience!!).

Band Interests
We do our best to ensure music has spiritual significance to the Parish.
We perform a varied programme, which hopefully at some stage appeals to all parishioners!
We work hard and we are good friends...and we enjoy what we do.

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Week ending 1st July 2012     (30/06/2012)

Deaths : We pray for the recently deceased:

Sam Darcy, Wexford. May he rest in peace.

Anniversary Masses for the Coming Week

Sat 30th June (Vigil 6.00pm)Frank Carney, Loughview Drive

Sun 1st July (LisbellawBarry McManus, Windmill Heights

(Next Sunday: James & Susan Monaghan, Hillview Walk)

Mon 2nd July 13th Week in Ordinary Time
10.00 am Joseph & Kathleen Petty, Drumgay Close and Nancy Goan, England

6.00pm Convent Rosina Polidori, Killynure Park

Tues 3rd July St Thomas, Apostle
8.00am Convent Private Intention
10.00am Whitsitt family, Erne Drive and Winifred Maguire, Derrylin

Wed 4th July 13th Week in Ordinary Time
8.00amConvent Alan & Olive Stewart, Cornagrade Road
10.00am Annie Gallagher, Derrin Park

Thurs 5th July 13th Week in Ordinary Time
8.00am Convent Charles Murphy, Drumgallon
10.00am Francis Clifford, Derrin Road

Fri 6th July First Friday 13th Week in Ordinary Time
10.00am McLoughlin family and James Murray
7.30pm Frank Petty, Drumgay Close

Sat 7th July 13th Week in Ordinary Time
10.00am Helena Bradley, Hillview Road;
Tommy & Annie and Damien Dolan, Cavanaleck;
Tommie & Lizzie Colton, Hillview Park.

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Vocations in the Clogher Diocese     (21/06/2012)

The Chairman of Vocations Committee for the Diocese of Clogher is: Rt Rev Mgr. Sean Cahill

Parochial House, 6 Boyhill Road, Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh BT94 4LN

Email :

Mgr Cahill will always be glad to hear from you and to meet with you. Feel free to ring or email




The Facebook Page is; Diocesan Vocations Ireland

The Twitter Feed is; @NVocations

Prayers of the Faithful:

1. Life is a gift that we have received from your hands, Lord. Through prayer and through a more reflective awareness of what is going on around us, help us to recognise how you are calling us to place that gift of life at the service of others. Lord hear us.

2. For those who are coming to the end of their full-time education, in school or at third-level colleges. Help them to listen attentively to your word. Help them to make wise decisions for their future, which are inspired by faith in you. Lord Hear us.

3. Father you created man and women in your own image. We pray for married people, and for those who are preparing for marriage. Help them to see their love for one another as their Christian vocation. May their love for one another, in times joy and in times of sorrow, lead them to you who are the source of all love and all happiness. Lord hear us.

4. We ask you Lord, in this generation as in the past, to bless your Church with men and women of vision and imagination, who will be ready to be consecrate their lives publicly to your service and to the service of others, in the priesthood and in the religious life. Lord hear us

5. We pray that the values of service, compassion, and care, which characterised the ministry of Jesus, may continue to be the mark of all who are his disciples. We ask your blessing on all who serve and support us in our daily lives, (for parents, for aunts and uncles, for grand-parents; for those who provide our food, care for our sick, and teach our children; for those provide the many voluntary and statutory services which keep our society going). Lord Hear us

6. We pray for those who have gone before us in the way of faith. They followed Christ the Good Shepherd. May he welcome them into fresh pastures, and may we find them again, gathered around his table. Lord hear us.

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Useful Information     (21/06/2012)

Congratulations on your decision to get married. It is a very exciting time for, and we are delighted that you have selected our Church as your venue for the 'big day.' However, there are some rules to follow, both set by the Church and the State - they can not be ignored.

Every couple marrying in the Catholic Church are required to give a minimum of three months notice to their priest and complete a Pre Nuptial Enquiry Form. The form is completed a meeting with local priest of each party. Here's the basic guidelines you need to follow:

There are at least three forms that you need to get before going to meet your priest.

- A recently issued copy of your Baptismal Certificate
- A recently issued copy of your Confirmation Certificate
- A Letter of Freedom from each parish you have lived in since you were 18.

1 The Pre-nuptial enquiry (informally known as 'wedding papers') is carried out in the parish where the person has domicile (resident for at least six months) or quasi-domicile (resident for at least three months).

2 The Pre-nuptial enquiry is carried out in the form of a personal interview between the person and the priest. It should not be done in the presence of both parties.

3 It is essential that the Pre-nuptial enquiry be initiated no later than three months prior to the proposed date of marriage.

4 The Wedding Ceremony usually takes place in the parish church of the bride.

5 If one or both parties are from outside the parish, they must present a Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate and a Letter of Freedom to marry. The Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate can be obtained from the parish in which you were baptised and the Letter of Freedom from the parish in which you reside.

6 In the case of a mixed marriage, the forms of the baptised non-catholic or non-baptised person should be completed in the parish of the catholic party.

7 It is of the utmost importance that the party should ensure that the date and time of their wedding is suitable for the priest(s) of the parish. Contacting the priest personally should do this.

Inter Church Marriage - When a Catholic wishes to marry a Christian of another denomination they must ask for a dispensation from their local bishop. The granting of this dispensation is dependant upon the promise of the Catholic party to ensure that their future children will be baptised in the Catholic Church and brought up in the faith. This promise is also by all Catholic couples.

In the event of the marriage ceremony being held in the church of another denomination it is necessary to ask for a dispensation of Form, that is permission to be married by the rites of another church. Again this permission is granted by the diocesan bishop.

Inter Faith Marriage - When a Catholic wishes to marry a person who is not baptised, or who is a member of another faith, they must seek a dispensation from the bishop. This is called a Disparity of Cult dispensation.

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